About Me

Hello. I’m Mike Turley and I have been tuning, regulating, and repairing pianos since 1997. My initial training began in 1997 when I was working on a master’s degree at Northwestern State University in Louisiana. The school had an elderly piano tuner named Frank who would come tune all the pianos by ear. Every time he was on campus I would watch and ask him lots of questions. After seeing that I was fascinated with the process Frank convinced me that tuning pianos is something I could do. He was right. He patiently shared with me some of his best tips and tricks to get me started on the path of piano tuning. Before too long I was tuning a piano by ear with just a tuning fork and some mutes. I eventually discovered Tunelab, a computer program that would listen to the different notes on a piano then calculate a unique tuning curve which would allow the strings on that particular piano to be tuned to their optimal places. With the aid of this electronic tuner I now tune quicker, more accurately, and produce more consistent results.

I am currently a public school music teacher in the Hood River School district. I also play the electric and upright bass with various groups around the Columbia River Gorge. During the school year I am available to tune pianos in the late afternoon and early evening as well as on Saturdays. My time is more flexible in the summer.

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